Html to Jpeg Converter 3000

Html to Jpeg Converter 3000

This program can convert HTML files to JPEG images in batches

If you ever need to transform the HTML pages of any website into a series of JPG images, Html to Jpeg Converter 3000 is an option to consider. The interface provided is clear enough to make the whole conversion process an easy one, and the overall output quality of the images, especially when it comes to the rendition of the original layout, is above average. Besides, its batch conversion functionality will allow you to convert multiple documents and websites in just one go.

The output image size and quality are perfectly customizable, offering you the possibility of enlarging the original page up to five times its original size, and of reducing the resolution of the output JPG file to improve its portability. To further personalize your converted files, you can add a watermark to the JPG images, which may consist of an image, a string of text, or a combination of both. Here you can set different transparency levels, fonts, sizes, colors, etc.

The main functionality of the program is clearly structured in the provided interface, with big self-explanatory buttons that allows you to load and convert any amount of HTML documents without delay.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clearly-structured interface
  • Fully customizable output quality
  • Batch conversion functionality


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